TapeRelief Replaces Multiple Products Used for Ostomy, Wound Care and Skin Protection

TapeRelief Replaces Multiple Products Used for Ostomy, Wound Care and Skin Protection

LAS VEGAS, February 6, 2012 – TapeRelief™, a new topical cream that provides a soothing and effective barrier between human skin and medical tape and adhesives, can replace multiple products commonly used for wound care and skin protection.  Regular use of TapeRelief™ has proven to greatly reduce or prevent numerous ailments arising from medical purpose adhesives intended to protect the patient.
“Currently, patients and health care professionals are using a multitude of products together to prevent contact dermatitis and other maladies that simple application of TapeRelief’s formula will solve,” stated Athena Koler, spokesperson for TapeRelief™. “TapeRelief™ can often replace skin barrier paste, which fills in folds or skin irregularities of the abdomen to form a better seal, skin wipes or powders, which protect the skin under the barrier and around the stoma, and tape remover, which makes removing the pouch easier.”
“We continue to discover more and more applications for TapeRelief™ including ostomy settings where it can prevent serious conditions arising from peristomal skin excoriation, mechanical irritation, allergy and sensitivity,” added Koler. “It’s disheartening that patients are using multiple and expensive products to solve a problem that TapeRelief™ quickly resolves, or worse yet, not using a solution at all and suffering. There’s no reason to add another health concern to a patient already engaged in serious treatment.”

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About TapeRelief™

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, TapeRelief™ is a unique formula guaranteed to alleviate damage to the skin, blistering and rashes by creating a barrier between sensitive skin and the sticky tape or bandage. TapeRelief™ protects skin without interfering with the performance of these products or their adhesive properties all while its proprietary formula soothes and renews. In a 2009 report by the British Medical Journal (BMJ), a wound care study found “events such as maceration, allergic reaction, eczema of periulcer skin, and infection as bandage related.”  Statements herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary.
Athena Koler
Director of Sales and Marketing

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