Rash & Reaction to Bandage Adhesive

Allergies can come from many things and in many forms. One of the most common allergies in the world is to latex. Unfortunately, latex is used in one of the world's most popular treatment methods: bandages. Bandages also can cause rashes on the skin from the sticky adhesive used to keep them in place. Until recently there was virtually no remedy to prevent an allergic reaction to bandage adhesives. Thanks to TapeRelief®, though, that's no longer the case.

TapeRelief® is an innovative lotion that's designed to protect susceptible skin from this type of allergy. By using a unique formula of ingredients that include tea tree oil, an antibacterial agent, and organic oatmeal TapeRelief® helps to prevent a rash from bandage adhesive from developing in the first place. The process is quick and easy. You simply take a dab of TapeRelief® and place it on the cut, scrape, laceration and any area of your skin that you will be applying the bandage to. Once you've waited a few moments for it to dry, you then apply the bandage as normal. It works by creating a barrier between your skin and the bandage, while also protecting the area from infection through the antibacterial agent. In addition, you also get the added benefit of soothing relief from the organic oatmeal. TapeRelief® is truly a one-of-a-kind solution as there's nothing else like it in the market today. If you've ever experienced a rash from bandage adhesives, or even just want the extra protection and relief from discomfort, be sure to try out our product today. Your skin will thank you.

TapeRelief® Received a 0 out of 4 on the Hypoallergenic Scale