Macerated Skin Treatment

Maceration is a condition that's caused by prolonged exposure to moisture on the skin or wound. This results in the skin softening and breaking down, usually to the point that it turns gray or white in color. One of the most common causes comes from maceration wound care.  When you apply a bandage or some kind of medical tape to an area of the skin, it has a good chance of getting wet and soggy due to draining from the wound, sweat buildup, and the lack of air flow. Though not necessarily an immediate, life-threatening risk, early skin maceration treatment is important, as it can be a very painful and unsightly condition. Instead of just focusing on macerated skin treatment, one should go a step further and consider prevention altogether.  


Thanks to the revolutionary formula behind TapeRelief®, that's now possible.  Simply apply this one-of-a-kind lotion to the wound or area of skin that's susceptible to excessive moisture, and it will protect your skin before it even happens. Even if you don't get to it in time, TapeRelief® can be used as a treatment option for skin maceration as well, with its natural antibacterial agent and soothing pain relief properties.


Millions of people suffer from this condition every year, and until now, there's been no quality option on the market.  TapeRelief® is an easy-to-use, fast-acting, and cost-effective solution to your skin malady woes. Plus we offer free shipping on all U.S. orders! Don't wait -- check out our available size orders and get yours today.