cheerleader daugher
Parent of Active Kids
Jaree, Nevada

I have a very active 8 yr old daughter who managed to serverely bruise her thigh causing a HUGE blood blister (mind you she is an all-star competitive cheerleader.) Needless to say we had to keep her wound wrapped. After awhile it became irritated & red. TapeRelief is just that -it relieved her of the pain and redness RIGHT away and I quote the 8 yr old, “Look mom that stuff really worked.” Thanks for such an amazing product!

Susan Frank
Susan, President & CEO of TapeRelief®, Nevada

First with a colostomy and then with a continent ileostomy, I spent more than 30 years brutalizing my skin by applying and removing tape. A couple of years ago, I asked my son to develop a product that would allow tape to stick and then allow it to be removed without tearing, and also help keep the area dry. He developed TapeRelief, and it works. I’m now the first customer, proud spokesperson, and president of the company. Just try it! Get the relief from tape damage and you will also be a proud spokesperson for TapeRelief.

ruth testimonial
Uses TapeRelief After Surgery
Ruth, Illinois

This is a great product! I have pretty sensitive skin but with Tape Relief I don’t worry about irritation from the tape I use to cover sensitive surgical sites. It goes on easily, is soothing to the skin, and one application lasts all day. It doesn’t burn on application either, and this is often a problem with other skin protection products. I highly recommend it!

Kurt Testimonial
Kurt, Nevada

As a former college athlete with a number of knee surgeries under my belt I found the Tape Relief product to be immediately useful. Changing out the bandages post-operatively, I was accumulating adhesive residue at a pretty rapid rate. Since the area can’t really be scrubbed until the stitches have been removed, getting rid of the gummy adhesive remainder wasn’t easy. And it was starting to itch. Fortunately, I found Tape Relief several days after my surgery and used it until the bandages were unnecessary. Now, I apply a little Tape Relief under my usual soccer ankle wraps where it prevents any rashes while soothing my skin. It’s much better than prewrap which I felt always held in moisture and sweat. Thanks,

barbara testimonial
Hematoma Survivor
Barbara, Washington

I am writing to express my extreme satisfaction with this new product, TapeRelief. I have an extremely large hematoma on the upper right inside of my leg, the result of my doctor trying to remove a small cyst from the area. He made a small 2 inch incision and couldn’t reach the cyst, so he closed the site with two stitches. Because I am on blood thinners, the result was an extremely large hematoma. It was so painful to try to remove the tape. I thought I was allergic to the tape. I thought my skin was going to rip off. When I applied the TapeRelief to my cleaned skin and let it dry, I was able to apply a band aid and actually remove the band aid without pain or sticking. I can’t thank you enough for letting me try this wonderful product. This will be a product that will be beneficial to so many people. p.s. Thought I would mention that I told my foot doctor about your cream and he said there was nothing available now anywhere to help after surgeries and this cream would be extremely welcome everywhere. I had to go back the next day to have him inject my heel w/ cortizone (ouch!) and showed him the cream. He was heading over to the hospital to a particularly complicated foot surgery. Again, he stated that this kind of product would be well welcomed by all medical people. Thought you might like to know.

valerie testimonial pic
Satisfied Customer After Cataract Surgery
Valerie, Washington

After cataract surgery I was forced to wear bandaging that required tape from the top of my forehead all the way to my chin. After two weeks I was getting a rash and irritation from the tape ripping the tiny peach fuzz from my face. I used a sample of Tape Relief and my problem was immediately solved! I cannot thank you enough and I will assuredly refer this amazing product to my friends and family.

Donna Testimonial
Double Mastectomy Survivor
Donna, Indiana

I was dealing with a double mastectomy from my breast cancer and had to have tubes and drains installed in the removal area. What I never expected was for the tape that held these essential recovery items to cause me so much discomfort. My skin was just getting worn out. Fortunately, I received a bottle of Tape Relief and it was just awesome for the three weeks I needed it. Thank you Tape Relief for making a very difficult situation much, much better!