What is TapeRelief?

For years, patients, athletes, and others have been suffering from the adverse effects of bandages and tape meant to help them. Skin irritation and contact dermatitis of all varieties are a frequent problem for individuals who must cover fresh wounds or protect sensitive skin areas. Single and repeated use often lead to rashes, uncomfortable skin bumps, blisters, irritation, inflammation and itching.

Tape Relief LogoNow there is a solution. TapeRelief™ becomes an immediate barrier between the tape or bandage and the user’s skin, giving the adhesive a surface on which to stick without directly engaging the epidermis.

Not only does TapeRelief™ prevent irritation from adhesive tape and bandages by applying a protective barrier, but its unique solution is the only product on the market that also helps to nurture the skin beneath. As a result for a patient with wound care, the tape and bandaging doesn’t become another problem.

And unlike oily gels and messy creams, TapeRelief™ goes on as a lotion and dries quickly as a powder so you can apply the tape or bandage.

TapeRelief™ is the only product of it’s kind and has been developed using natural ingredients including Tea Tree Oil, an antibacterial agent which protects the skin from infection and Organic Oatmeal for its soothing properties.

How to Use TapeRelief!

Step 1. Before applying TapeRelief, shake the tube well.

Step 2. Make sure your skin is dry and clean.

Step 3. Rub a very thin layer of TapeRelief over the area to be covered by tape or bandage and let TapeRelief dry thoroughly.

Step 4. Apply the tape or bandage which should adhere firmly.

Step 5. When you are ready to remove the tape or bandage, peel off slowly.

Step 6. Reapply before each new application of tape or bandage. Again, make sure that the area is clean every time you apply TapeRelief.

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What our customers say…

cheerleader daugher
Parent of Active Kids
Jaree, Nevada

I have a very active 8 yr old daughter who managed to serverely bruise her thigh causing a HUGE blood blister (mind you she is an all-star competitive cheerleader.) Needless to say we had to keep her wound wrapped. After awhile it became irritated & red. TapeRelief is just that -it relieved her of the pain and redness RIGHT away and I quote the 8 yr old, “Look mom that stuff really worked.” Thanks for such an amazing product!

Susan Frank
Susan, President & CEO of TapeRelief®, Nevada

First with a colostomy and then with a continent ileostomy, I spent more than 30 years brutalizing my skin by applying and removing tape. A couple of years ago, I asked my son to develop a product that would allow tape to stick and then allow it to be removed without tearing, and also help keep the area dry. He developed TapeRelief, and it works. I’m now the first customer, proud spokesperson, and president of the company. Just try it! Get the relief from tape damage and you will also be a proud spokesperson for TapeRelief.

ruth testimonial
Uses TapeRelief After Surgery
Ruth, Illinois

This is a great product! I have pretty sensitive skin but with Tape Relief I don’t worry about irritation from the tape I use to cover sensitive surgical sites. It goes on easily, is soothing to the skin, and one application lasts all day. It doesn’t burn on application either, and this is often a problem with other skin protection products. I highly recommend it!